. . . With a little play on the word Volunteers, the McCook Volunteers was initially formed by a small group of residents who wanted to create an interactive website for residents to match their interests with local groups needing volunteers, and for local nonprofits to request the help of volunteers for their membership, activities and events. It is a listing of volunteers and a declaration of our willingness to volunteer to make our community the best it can be, showing that McCook is a community with a heart for giving of our time, talent and treasure – and a way for people new to the community to become engaged by volunteering with groups that interest them.

McCook Volunteers began with a small group of the many local nonprofits in McCook. Individuals will register and select their key interests, which will match them to the nonprofits. Persons from the age of 14 and up will be encouraged to participate, giving high school students an opportunity to become involved in volunteer and service projects. On the other end of the spectrum, retired and older residents will be invited to share their expertise and time in the community. And all ages in between will be able to volunteer for the groups of their choice, for the time they have available in their busy lives.

The initial committee consisted of persons involved in local businesses, civic groups, and foundations with the following members: Linda Taylor (VK Electronics), Steve Batty (retired citizen), Terri Shipshock (Community Hospital Health Foundation), Peggy Been (McCook National Bank), Ronda Graff (McCook Community Foundation Fund), Jamie Mockry (McCook Chamber of Commerce), Doug Skiles (McPherron, Skiles & Loop, CPA), Dawson Brunswick (college student and IT volunteer), and Andrew Ambriz (McCook Economic Development Corporation).